TCP has been decommissioned on Jan 1, 2018.



The TCP camera (Tromsoe CCD Photometer) is a portable instrument optimized for fast readout photometry (Windowed system) based on CCD technology. TCP incorporates the possibility of an on-line data reduction, i.e. that light-curves of the targets can be produced in real time, so that the observer can investigate the results as they arrive. This instrument was built at the Physics Department of the Tromsoe University (Norway), in a collaboration with the CUO (Copenhagen University Observatory).

Below we show the light curve of the pulsating star RV Ari (magnitude ~12), in blue, with 19-second time resolution and ~0.2% error, with a fainter comparison star, in red. It was obtained with the TCP at the IAC80 telescope.

Quantum efficiency

The Quantum efficiency curve of the SiTe TK1024 Camera is shown in the following figure (ASCII file).


Characterisitics of the detector

  • Pixel scale at TCP: 0.537″(pixel
  • Field of View (FoV): 9.2′ x 9.2′
  • TCP focus = CAMELOT focus + ~2000
  • FOVIA focus (September 2011) = 1000

Filter transmission curves

CWL [nm]
Tmax (%)
ASCII curves
U 364.25 57.50 66.87 U U
B 431.75 98.50 68.00 B B
V 532.25 85.50 90.29 V V
R 631.00 122.00 78.45 R R
I 881.50 312.00 83.61 I I