Telescope (Control system)
Spatial debris system (Wide Field Camera)





Telescope and dome control system for operations at the OGS

A. Starting up the telescope and pointing an object

  1. START voltage control by pushing the button placed in the box on the left of the control PC.

  2. Log in in the control PC: Pressing upper right button on the screen, log in window will appear.

    (user and password can be consulted on the control room manual)

  1. Turn on the dome by pressing ON button on the DOME window.

  2. In order to open shutters, push OPEN button of the corresponding shutter. In case you want to stop it, press STOP. Shutter status will be ‘UNKNOWN’.

  3. To turn on the telescope, press ON on the TELESCOPE window. If the square on the right of the INIT button is not green-coloured the telescope should be initalized. If it is the case, press INIT.

  4. To open the mirror covers, push OPEN button in the DEW-CAP window.

  5. Introduce the coordinates of the object to observe and press SLEW.

  6. Press AUTO from DOME if the dome following the telescope is wanted.

  7. To stop both telescope and dome push STOP on the TELESCOPE window and DOME window respectively.

B.  Stopping the telescope and parking it on the zenith position.

  • Stop the telescope and the dome by pressing STOP button in the TELESCOPE and DOME windows.

  • Press CLOSE button in the DEW-CAP window to close mirror covers.

  • Press POSITS in the TELESCOPE window.

  • A new window will appear (PREDEFINED POSITIONS). Select ZENITH option by pushing POSIT button on the right.

  • In the MECHANICAL COORDINATES window, press SLEW.

  • Close shutters pressing CLOSE button in the aproppiate window.

  • Turn off the telescope and the dome by pushing OFF in the TELESCOPE window and also in the DOME window.

  • STOP voltage control by pressing the button on the box placed on the right of the control PC.

  • Log off in the control computer: a window with the ‘logoff’ option will appear when the upper right button on the secreen is pressed.