User’s Manual

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Technical Data

Fastcam 2022

  • Andor iXon Ultra 888 with 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Plate scale 0.035 arsec/pixels.
  • Field of view: 35.8” x 35.8”
  • Image rate: 33fps (with 30 ms images)


Old Fastcam

  • Andor iXon DU-897 back-illuminated system.
  • Detector E2V Technologies with 512×512 pixels (pixel size 16 micras)
  • Field of View (FOV) 6″ (with seeing=2.2″ and 76 mas/pix)
  • I Band
  • 30 exposures per minute
  • Diffraction limit (FWHM) and limiting magnitudes in I band: TCS 1.5m 0.15” 11.0, NOT 2.5m 0.09” 15.0 and WHT 4.2m 0.06” 16.0
  • It is possible to go 2 magnitudes deeper if there is a bright object in the FOV to do the processing (alignement and stacking) of the selected images.


  • FastCam: a new lucky imaging instrument for medium-sized telescopes (ADS)
  • High-contrast optical imaging of companions: the case of the brown dwarf binary HD 130948 BC (ADS)
  • Orbit Determination of Close Binary Systems using Lucky Imaging (astro-ph)
  • Lucky Imaging Adaptive Optics of the brown dwarf binary GJ569Bab (astro-ph)