Tiempo asignado por el comité especial designado para la evaluación de propuestas "EMIR Science Verification"

Enero-Marzo 2017

Gran Telescopio Canarias

Clas.Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoPrograma
26-GTC26/17ABjorn Emonts A (10.00hrs) EMIREMIR lighting up the cold molecular halo around the massive Spiderweb Galaxy (z=2)
2-GTC2/17AMaría Rosa Zapatero Osorio A (10.00hrs) EMIREMIR spectra of young free-floating planets
14-GTC14/17AGuo Chen A (7.00hrs) EMIRA benchmark K-band dayside emission spectrum for the hot Jupiter WASP-43b
43-GTC45/17AIsmael Pérez Fournon A (10.00hrs) EMIRSpectroscopic confirmation of the highest redshift galaxy-galaxy lens
20-GTC20/17AJohan Knapen A (8.00hrs) EMIRHunting the Ly alpha Line in the Brightest z~8 Galaxies to Probe the Ionization State of the z>7 Universe
17-GTC17/17AArtemio Herrero Davó A (6.50hrs) EMIR[SUH2012]137: RSG candidate close to the anti-center Galactic direction
18-GTC18/17AMarc Balcells Comas A (10.00hrs) EMIRThe formation of massive, passive galaxies: pilot EMIR high-S/N H-band stellar spectra at z=1.0
12-GTC12/17AIsabel Marquez Perez A (4.00hrs) EMIRUnderstanding Populations and Kinematics in AGN with EMIR
6-GTC6/17ANicolas Lodieu A (2.50hrs) EMIRConfirming the brown dwarf secondary in an unusual white dwarf-brown dwarf binary
10-GTC10/17AJorge Casares Velázquez A (10.00hrs) EMIRCalibrating the FWHM-K2 relation of quiescent BHs in the NIR
29-GTC29/17AMichael Beasley A (10.00hrs) EMIRThe IMF of a relic galaxy beyond 1 micron
8-GTC8/17ASimone Madonna A (2.00hrs) EMIRFaint neutron-capture emission lines in the NIR spectra of PNe
25-GTC25/17ADavid Barrado Navascués A (2.20hrs) EMIRSearching for shock-excited molecular hydrogen knots in a proto brown dwarf