List of proposals with awarded Spanish CAT observing time

Semester 2018B

William Herschel Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge programProgram
12-WHT2/18BAlberto Rebassa Mansergas1 D + 1 G ISIS - The age-metallicity relation: new constraints from white dwarf-main sequence binaries
40-WHT5/18BJohan Knapen3 G GHAFAS - Confronting atomic and ionized gas tracers in low-mass dwarf galaxies
42-WHT6/18BManuel Ángel Pérez Torres1.5 G LIRIS - Testing X-ray models for Intermediate Polars - a dynamical study of XY Ari
47-WHT7-A/18BJesús Maíz Apellániz2 A ISIS - Lucky Spectroscopy: a novel technique to study close binary systems
52-WHT9/18BJohn Beckman3 D GHAFAS - Interferometry of SNR Shocks: Turbulence in the Western Rim of Cygnus Loop
79-WHT10/18BJoan Font Serra4 A GHAFAS - GHaFAS with AO: High resolution kinematic mapping of galaxies in HII at increasing redshift.
81-WHT11/18BCristina Ramos Almeida3 G LIRIS - Quantifying the impact of AGN feedback on galaxy evolution with LIRIS
84-WHT13/18BLuca Izzo8 A (1 hrs) ISIS - Search for 7BeII and 7LiI in Classical Novae
100-WHT15/18BMaría Rosa Zapatero Osorio2 D LIRIS - Time-resolved image polarimetry of Trappist-1 during planetary transits.
110-WHT16/18BCamilo Eduardo Jiménez Ángel4 A LIRIS - LIRIS imaging of a new population of extremely luminous Ly_alpha emitting galaxies
117-WHT17-A/18BPaula Izquierdo Sánchez2 G ISIS - Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind
117-WHT18-B/18BPaula Izquierdo Sánchez1 D ISIS - Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind
123-WHT19-A/18BCarlos Allende Prieto4 G ISIS - Early Steps of the Milky Way: Old Stars as Tracers of the Formation and Evolution of the Galactic Halo.
145-WHT20-A/18BPatricia Chinchilla Gallego2 A LIRIS - Confirmation and Characterization of Wide Stellar and Substellar Companions in Young Moving Groups.
147-WHT21/18BIsmael Pérez Fournon3 A LIRIS - The near-IR counterparts of luminous far-infrared galaxies in the fields of bright far-IR quasars