List of proposals with awarded Spanish CAT observing time

Semester 2019A

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentsLarge programProgram
23-INT1/19ADavid Barrado Navascués6 A WFC - COSMIC-DANCE: Unravelling the origin of the IMF
33-INT2/19AJose Alfonso Lopez Aguerri7 D WFC - Deep imaging on the WEAVE clusters
49-INT11/19ACecilia Farina6 A + 1 A IDS - Testing of IPHAS/UVEX/Gaia-based selection of massive stars for WEAVE
59-INT12-B/19ACarlos Allende Prieto1 D + 2 G IDS - Early Steps of the Milky Way: Old Stars as Tracers of the Formation and Evolution of the Galactic Halo.
77-INT13/19AAntonio Ferragamo3 G WFC - Optical validation of the Planck PSZ1 and PSZ2 catalogue: the northern sky sources
94-INT14/19AJulia de Leon Cruz3 A IDS - Mapping basaltic material in the asteroid belt
113-INT16/19ANuria Salvador Rusiñol5 D IDS - Constraining young stellar populations in nearby relic galaxies
128-INT18/19ASantiago Garcia Burillo8 D WFC - Halpha Imaging of Virgo Filament Galaxies
138-INT19-E/19AAlberto Javier Castro Tirado15 A (3 hrs) WFC - GTC follow-up of gravitational radiation sources in the Multi-messenger Era
143-INT20/19AMatteo Monelli6 G + 2 D WFC - Homogeneous photometry in the Gaia era: globular clusters