List of proposals with awarded Spanish CAT observing time

Semester 2019A

Stella Telescope

Ref. CATIPAwarded timeInstrumentLarge programProgram
3-Stella1/19ARicardo Dorda Laforet A (34.5 hrs) SES - Following the extreme variations of VX Sgr (part II)
11-Stella2-B/19APablo Santos Sanz8 A (0.5hrs) WIFSIP - Stellar occultations by Dwarf Planets, Trans-neptunian Objects and Centaurs
18-Stella3/19APaul G. Beck A (34 hrs) SES - Seismic-binary systems as step stones towards improved seismic-stellar modeling
25-Stella4/19ALuca Izzo8 A (1hrs) WIFSIP - Using the STELLA telescope to follow-up GRBs
43-Stella5/19AJorge Casares Velázquez A (25 hrs) SES - Long-term Monitoring of Gamma-Ray Binaries
106-Stella6-B/19AJose Antonio Acosta Pulido A (31.6hrs) WIFSIP - Optical/Infrared monitoring of a sample of bright gamma ray blazars