Semester 2019B

William Herschel Telescope

CAT Ref.PIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge programPrograma
155-WHT1/19BJesús Maíz Apellániz4 A ISIS - Lucky Spectroscopy: a novel technique to study close binary systems
157-WHT3/19BJoan Font Serra2 G + 1 A GHAFAS - When ALMA meets GHaFaS: Confronting the resonant structure of the molecular and the ionized gas tracers in nearby galaxies.
158-WHT4/19BManuel Ángel Pérez Torres1.5 A LIRIS - Testing X-ray models for Intermediate Polars - a dynamical study of XY Ari
164-WHT7/19BCarlos Cifuentes San Román4 A (4.5hrs) ISIS - Spectroscopy of poorly investigated late-type young stars in the sigma Orionis cluster
165-WHT8/19BTariq Shahbaz1 A (4.5hrs) LIRIS - Testing the jet/outflow model in a transitional millisecond pulsar
166-WHT9-A/19BPaula Izquierdo Sánchez1 D ISIS - Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind
166-WHT10-B/19BPaula Izquierdo Sánchez2 G ISIS - Neighbourhood watch: leave no white dwarf behind
167-WHT11/19BJonay I. González Hernández2 D + 2 G ISIS - Early Steps of the Milky Way: Old Stars as Tracers of the Formation and Evolution of the Galactic Halo.
168-WHT12/19BFrancisco Javier Castander Serentill3.5 D + 2 D PAUCam - PAUS: a unique narrow band survey for cosmology and galaxy evolution
169-WHT13/19BIgnacio Mendigutía2 G ISIS - The BORN survey of forming planets in disks around young stars: bright winter candidates with ISIS/WHT
170-WHT14/19BJose Antonio Acosta Pulido5 D (4.5hrs) ISIS - TRUE2: a survey of true Seyfert 2 candidates in poalrized light. Establishing a limit on the detection of hidden broad line regions.
171-WHT15/19BOvidiu Vaduvescu2 A LIRIS - Physical properties of dwarf elliptical galaxies based on deep Ks imaging
173-WHT17/19BManuel Ángel Pérez Torres2 G ISIS - A dynamical study of the black hole candidate MAXI J1820+070
174-WHT18/19BStefan Geier3 D (4.5hrs) ISIS - Resolving the quasar selection bias with Gaia