Recommended allocated time by the CAT

Semester 2020A

Nordic Optical Telescope

Ref. CATPIApproved timeInstrumentLarge programTitle
25-NOT2/20ACarlos Allende Prieto4 AFIES - A reference sample of giant stars from high resolution spectroscopy
29-NOT3/20ADavid Barrado Navascués5 A FIES - Searching for planets in the young open cluster IC4665
36-NOT5/20AAbel de Burgos Sierra4 A FIES - Massive stars beyond the main sequence: solving the mystery of the evolutionary status of B-type supergiants
38-NOT6/20AManuel Ángel Pérez Torres10 A (1hrs) ALFOSC - Transient Events in Associated Regions of the Gravitational-wave Alert Sky
62-NOT9/20ARoberto Baena Gallé30 min/night over 7 consecutive nights A NOTCam - Measurements of Venus's cloud motions in coordination with the IRTF telescope and Akatsuki spacecraft to study Venus's super-rotation
72-NOT12/20AMartin Guerrero Roncel5 A ALFOSC - Investigating the expansion of nova shells
101-NOT15/20AMiguel Ángel Pérez Torres3 A NOTCam - Tidal disruption events in luminous infrared galaxies