Recommended allocated time by the CAT

Semester 2020A

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

NOTE from TNG: The execution of the observations related to the long-term program A38TAC_29, “Follow-up of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at TNG”, may have a significant impact on the schedule of the semester 2020A.

Ref. CATPIApproved nightsInstrumentLarge programTitle
14-TNG1/20ARafael Barrena2 D (4.5hrs) DOLORES - Exploring Abell 76: a strong cool-core cluster of galaxies
117-TNG8/20AJorge Lillo Box5 A HARPS-N - Planet death reloaded: the core of a giant planet revealed before its engulfment
121-TNG10/20ARafael Rebolo López7 A HARPS-N - Searching for Earth-mass planets in solar-type stars with both HARPS
139-TNG11/20ACarlos Cardona Guillén2 G (4.5hrs) GIARPS - Looking for exoplanets aroung young stars with GIARPS and CARMENES
146-TNG12-B/20AStefan Geier2 G DOLORES - Resolving the quasar selection bias with Gaia