Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2020B


Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge ProgramTitle
27-Mercator1/20BAda Canet4 A HERMES - Optical Spectroscopy of T Tauri Stars to Understand Planetary Formation
54-Mercator2/20BSergio Simon Diaz7 A HERMES - The IACOB project rise its hands to TESS: simultaneous Mercator/TESS observations of O stars and B supergiants
85-Mercator3/20BLee Patrick3 A HERMES - Multiplicity properties of red supergiant population of the Perseus OB1 association
123-Mercator4-A/20BJonay I. González Hernández5 A HERMES - High resolution spectroscopic catalogue of bright northern stars
135-Mercator5/20BGonzalo Holgado Alijo4 A HERMES - Stepping further in the detection and characterization of binaries among fast-rotating Galactic O-type stars
139-Mercator6/20BLola Balaguer Núñez3 A HERMES - OCCASO survey: checking azimuthal distribution of Open Clusters
59-NOT7/20BAbel de Burgos Sierra3 A HERMES - Massve stars beyond the main sequence: solving the mystery of the evolutionary status of B-type supergiants