Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2020B

Stella Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded hoursInstrumentLarge ProgramTitle
13-Stella1/20BJorge Casares Velázquez A (48hrs) SES - Long-term Monitoring of Gamma-Ray Binaries
35-Stella2/20BJorge Lillo Box G (40hrs) SES - Radial velocity confirmation of non-transiting planets from Kepler
76-Stella3-A/20BJulia Alfonso Garzón A (13.3hrs) SES - Long-term high-resolution optical spectroscopic monitoring of Be X-ray binaries
104-Stella12-A/20BNicolas Lodieu A (80hrs) WIFSIP - Characterisation of a young transiting mini-Neptune in the nearest open cluster, the Hyades
105-Stella13/20BAlberto Álvarez Saavedra D (43.8hrs) SES - M39: The binaries role in the age determination of open clusters
108-Stella14/20BRicardo Dorda Laforet A (28.6hrs) SES - Following the extreme variations of VX Sgr (part V)
109-Stella15-B/20BJose Antonio Acosta Pulido A (35.5hrs) WIFSIP - Optical/Infrared monitoring of a sample of bright gamma ray blazars
111-Stella16/20BAlejandro Suárez Mascareño A (45hrs) SES - Follow-up observations of ESPRESSO GTO targets
138-Stella18-A/20BJari Kajava85 A (0.3hrs) WIFSIP - Multicolor photometry of tidal disruption events
138-Stella19-B/20BJari Kajava55 A (0.3hrs) WIFSIP - Multicolor photometry of tidal disruption events
138-Stella20-C/20BJari Kajava D (2hrs) WIFSIP - Multicolor photometry of tidal disruption events
142-Stella21/20BCarlos Cardona Guillén A (50hrs) WIFSIP - Rotational periods of young M dwarfs of the CARMENES survey