Recommended allocated time by the CAT

Semester 2020B

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

Ref. CATPIAwarded timeInstrumentLarge programnTitle
23-TNG4/20BLeire Beitia Antero2 A HARPS-N - Characterization of nearby High Radial Velocity Stars
41-TNG5/20BEnric Palle Bago6 A HARPS-N - Mass determination of single-transit warm Jupiters from TESS
80-TNG6/20BNuria Casasayas Barris5 A GIARPS - Characterising the day-side of brown dwarfs and ultra hot Jupiters
90-TNG8/20BMahmoudreza Oshagh0.5 G HARPS-N - Distinguishing brown dwarfs and giant planets via obliquity measurements from time-resolved
112-TNG9/20BAlberto Dominguez4.5 G DOLORES - Spectroscopic observations of gamma-ray detected blazar candidates