Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2021A


Ref. CATPIAwarded number of nightsInstrumentLarge programTitle
5-Mercator1/21ADavid Barrado Navascués6 G HERMES - History of star formation in Upper Sco and Ophiuchus
20-Mercator2/21AGonzalo Holgado Alijo3 A HERMES - Missing spectra in the further detection and characterization of binaries among fast-rotating Galactic O-type stars
47-Mercator3/21ARafael Luque6 G HERMES - PiGS: non-transiting Planets in Giant Stars from TESS
48-Mercator4/21ANicolas Lodieu2 G (4.5hrs) HERMES - The metallicity of the young Group 29
53-Mercator5-A/21AJuan Carbajo Hijarrubia9 A HERMES - OCCASO survey: checking azimuthal distribution of Open Clusters
64-Mercator6/21ALee Patrick3 A HERMES - Multiplicity properties of red supergiant population of the Perseus OB1 association