Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2021B

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATPIAllocated nightsInstrumentLarge programTitle
34-INT1/21BIsabel Perez Martin7 D WFC - The environment of Void Galaxies
38-INT2/21BIker Gonzalez Santamaria4 A IDS - Chemical abundances and evolutionary state of planetary nebulae with accurate distances in Gaia EDR3
44-INT3/21BDavid Jones4 G WFC - Exploiting Gaia to build a statistically-significant sample of close-binary central stars of planetary nebulae
50-INT4/21BJoao Calhau3 D + 3 D WFC - TIHMPSS: The INT Halo Metal Poor Star Survey
62-INT5/21BEri Tatsumi3 A + 3 A IDS - Exploring NUV-VIS region as diagnostic of composition in primitive asteroids
63-INT6/21BOvidiu Vaduvescu3 G IDS - Near Earth asteroids in cometary orbits
64-INT8-B/21BOvidiu Vaduvescu4 A WFC - Targeting the low-end of the NEA brightness distribution: the INT 1000 square degrees survey
67-INT9/21BIgnacio Negueruela Díez5 A IDS - Tracers of spiral structure beyond the Perseus Arm
75-INT10/21BMatteo Monelli3 D + 2 G WFC - Homogeneous photometry in the Gaia era: undestanding the origin of globular clusters
83-INT12/21BCristina Ramos Almeida4 D WFC - Why do AGN discs have larger rotation support than non-active twin galaxies?
94-INT13/21BAlejandro Lumbreras Calle4 G IDS - Uncovering local extreme emission line galaxies with J-PLUS: analogues of very high-redshift systems