Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2022A

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge programProgram
18-INT2-B/22AOvidiu Vaduvescu5 A (1hrs) WFC - The INT NEA 1000 square degree survey
22-INT4/22AEri Tatsumi3 A + 1 D IDS - Search for F-type asteroids: implication for the origin of Ryugu and Bennu
23-INT5/22ASantiago Garcia Burillo5 D WFC - Probing Gas Stripping in Virgo Cluster Filaments
39-INT6/22AJoao Calhau2 A + 3 A WFC - TIHMPSS: The INT Halo Metal Poor Star Survey
45-INT7/22AIsabel Perez Martin7 G + 5 G + 2 D WFC - The environment of Void Galaxies
77-INT9/22AJavier Olivares Romero6 A IDS - The dynamical interaction of Coma Berenices and Group X: a possible close encounter and tidal capture.
78-INT10/22AFernando Buitrago4 D WFC - Testing LambdaCDM predictions with the oldest structures of the Universe
108-INT11/22ANada Ihanec5 D IDS - Unveiling the mistery of high amplitude AGN activity
109-INT12/22AAlejandro Lumbreras Calle3 D IDS - H-alpha selected Green Pea galaxies with J-PLUS: searching for the very low metallicity population
114-INT13-B/22AManuel Ángel Pérez Torres2 G WFC - A reliable binary inclination for the black hole transient MAXI J1820+070