Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2022A

Stella Telescope

Ref. CATIPAllocated hoursInstrumentLarge programTitle
105-Stella1/22AJose Antonio Acosta Pulido A (36.3hrs) WIFSIP - Optical/Infrared monitoring of a sample of bright gamma ray blazars (cont.)
106-Stella2-B/22ARafael Luque A (48hrs) SES - PiGS: non-transiting Planets in Giant Stars from TESS
107-Stella3-D/22AMatteo Monelli A (65hrs) SES - Horizontal Branch stars to trace the early chemical enrichment of the Galactic Halo
116-Stella4/22APablo Santos Sanz A (40hrs) WIFSIP - Rotational light curves, absolute magnitudes, and high accurate astrometry of relevant Trans-Neptunian Objects
117-Stella5/22AJulia Alfonso Garzón A (14hrs) SES - Monitoring the evolution of the circumstellar disk of 1A 0535+262 with Stella
118-Stella6/22AManuel Mallorquín Díaz A (20.6hrs) SES - Validation of young transiting exoplanet candidates: first glimpse towards the frequency as a function of age