Allocated time recommended by the CAT

Semester 2022B

Stella Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded # hoursInstrumentLarge programProgram
84-Stella6/22BManuel Linares Alegret A (109.3hrs) WIFSIP - COBIPULSE-II: A deeper Stella search for compact binary pulsars
85-Stella7-B/22BChristian Duque-Arribas A (8hrs) SES - Calibrating the abundances of M dwarfs with wide visual binaries
136-Stella9/22BSergio Simon Diaz A (187hrs) SES - The IACOB-STELLA spectroscopic monitoring of circumstellar material around Galactic O-type stars
140-Stella10/22BManuel Mallorquín Díaz A (32.4hrs) SES - Dynamical mass determination of a young hot Jupiter