Abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author. After the deadline, the SOC will construct the scientific programme on the basis of these submitted abstracts.

Invited talks

1- N-body Simulations of galaxy formation: 'laboratory experiments' in Cosmology
Presenting author: A. Cesar Gonzalez-Garcia
2- Many worlds in one
Presenting author: Alex Vilenkin
3- Bringing Heaven Down to Earth in Ancient China
Presenting author: David Pankenier
4- The conceptual and cultural history of gravitational lensing
Presenting author: David Valls-Gabaud
5- The Milky Way through the Ages: an iconographic Journey
Presenting author: Francesco Bertola
6- Distribution and orientation of stone monuments of the Sahara : space and time evolution
Presenting author: Gauthier Yves
7- Astronomical and cosmological aspects of Maya architecture and urbanism
Presenting author: Ivan Šprajc
8- Past, present and future of Cosmic Microwave Background Observations. Implications for Cosmology
Presenting author: J.A.Rubiño Martín
9- African Cosmology
Presenting author: Jarita C. Holbrook
10- Mesoamerican cosmology: recent finds
Presenting author: Jesús Galindo Trejo
11- Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos
Presenting author: Joel Primack
12- The Egyptian civil calendar: a masterpiece to organize the Cosmos
Presenting author: Juan Antonio Belmonte
13- Sociology of Modern Cosmology
Presenting author: Martín López-Corredoira
14- Constructing Worlds: Cosmovisions as Integral Parts of Human Ecosystems
Presenting author: Michael A. Rappenglück
15- The cosmology of William Herschel
Presenting author: Michael Hoskin
16- The Holy Quran and Cosmology
Presenting author: Mosalam Shaltout
17- Think Cosmically, Act Globally
Presenting author: Nancy Ellen Abrams
18- How Galileo and Kepler Countered Aristotle's Cosmological Errors
Presenting author: Owen Gingerich
19- Did I say cosmology? On modern cosmologies and ancient world-views
Presenting author: Stanislaw Iwaniszewski
20- Astronomies and Cosmologies in the Latin West
Presenting author: Stephen C. McCluskey

Contributed talks and posters

1- Statistical analysis of the orientation of the megaliths of the Iberian Peninsula
Presenting author: A. César González-García
2- Primordial black holes as dark matter
Presenting author: A. S. Majumdar
3- The “Madonna di Loreto” Bronze Age Sanctuary and its Stone Calendar
Presenting author: A. Tunzi / V.F. Polcaro
4- At the dawn of Greek Astronomy: The Temple of Zagora on Andros
Presenting author: Alexandra Coucouzeli
5- The Astronomy of Maimonides and Its Arabic Sources
Presenting author: Ari Belenkiy
6- A fourth mesoamerican cosmological system
Presenting author: Arnold Lebeuf
7- The Chiemgau Impact: An extraordinary case-study for the question of Holocene impacts and their cultural implications
Presenting author: Barbara Rappenglueck
8- Cosmological interpretation of ethnological artefacts: a study of the Igbo people of Nigeria
Presenting author: Barth Chukwezi
9- Bianchini’s Patron: El Rei D. João V de Portugal
Presenting author: Cândido Marciano da Silva
10- The Moon in the perception and measurement of social and ritual time. Comments on the Pre-historic Record
Presenting author: Catarina Oliveira
11- Pueblo Folklore, Landscape Phenomenology and the Visual Poetics of Fajada Butte
Presenting author: Chanda Carey
12- Seeing the Universe: On the Cusp of Technology
Presenting author: Chris Impey
13- Material Culture As Cosmological Marker
Presenting author: Dimitriadis George
14- The collaboration between the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy and the Archaeological Superintendences
Presenting author: E. Antonello
15- The Erechtheion: cult, identity, and the cosmos
Presenting author: Efrosyni Boutsikas
16- Arcturus and the Bears
Presenting author: Elio Antonello
17- Cosmic Symbolism in Cultures of the Epoch of Bronze
Presenting author: Emchenko Dmitry
18- Prehistoric Cosmology
Presenting author: Emilia Pasztor
19- An interpretation of the orientation of late Neolithic rondels in the Carpathian Basin
Presenting author: Emilia Pasztor
20- Directional customs in the Carpathian Basin during the Bronze Age
Presenting author: Emilia Pasztor
21- An interpretation of some unique archaeological finds of the Carpathian Basin – the possible sky lore of prehistoric shamans
Presenting author: Emilia Pasztor
22- The Astral Disc of Chevroches (France)
Presenting author: F. Devevey / A. Rousseau
23- Rock art carvings at Açor Mountain, Portugal
Presenting author: Fernando Pimenta
24- Astronomical Orientation in Ancient Dacian Sanctuaries of Piatra Craivii, Romania. Preliminary Results.
Presenting author: Florin Stanescu
25- Aspects on the Orientation of the Bronze Age Public Buildings at Megiddo
Presenting author: Gerasimos Artelaris
26- Recent Advances in Hopewell Archaeoastronomy
Presenting author: Giulio Magli, Michael Mickelson
27- Review of topo-astronomical methods for the precise orientation in archaeological sites
Presenting author: Gracia Rodríguez-Caderot
28- A new test of Einstein’s theory of relativity by ancient solar eclipses
Presenting author: Göran Henriksson
29- Supernovae and Dark Energy
Presenting author: Inma Domínguez
30- Animating the Inanimate: Andean Huacas and the Concept of Camay
Presenting author: J. McKim Malville
31- Gran Canaria re-visited
Presenting author: J.C. Gil Carreras & J.A. Belmonte
32- Archaeoastronomical Information in the Study of Cremation Necropolis: Preliminary Study
Presenting author: Javier Mejuto
33- Planetary data and predictions in Babylonian Goal-Year Astronomy
Presenting author: Jennifer Gray
34- Observations of Far Southerly Moonrise from Hagar Qim, Ta'Hagrat, and Ggantija Temples from May 2005 to June 2007
Presenting author: John Cox
35- Solar and Stellar Paintings in the Epipaleolithic and Neolithic Rock Art of the Iberian Peninsula. (II): New Shelters and Ceramics with Astral Paintings
Presenting author: Jose Fernandez
36- The Book of the “Relogio del Palacio de las Horas” from the “Libros del saber de Astronomía” of Alfonso X.
Presenting author: Juan david Morales
37- Archaeoastronomy in the Muisca Territory.
Presenting author: Juan David Morales
38- Lunar Standstill Markers at Preceramic Temples at the Buena Vista Site in Peru
Presenting author: Larry R. Adkins
39- Keeping time moving: lunar-solar paired alignments as diacritical syntax
Presenting author: Lionel Sims
40- The Primeval Zodiac: its Social, Religious, and Mythological Background
Presenting author: Lorenzo Verderame
41- The hall of the months of the Palace Schifanoia (Ferrara 1469-70)
Presenting author: Manuela Incerti
42- Beyond the Cosmological: Numerical: Scenarios Underneathy Ancient Annular Architectural Structures
Presenting author: Marcello Ranieri
43- The orientation of the northern gate of the Goseck solar observatory
Presenting author: Marianna Ridderstad
44- Orientations at the Bronze Age town of Gournia in Crete
Presenting author: Mary Blomberg
45- Human Cognition in Astronomical Categories
Presenting author: Matsyna Andrey
46- Humam Cognition in Astronomical Categories
Presenting author: Matsyna Andrey
47- Heavenly Messengers: The Role of Birds in the Cosmographies and the Cosmovisions of Ancient Cultures
Presenting author: Michael A. Rappenglück
48- Astronomical marker of “Cabeceras de Izcagua”: Where the doors of the sky are opened.
Presenting author: Miguel Martín González
49- Finding the Scred Direction: Medieval books on the Qibla
Presenting author: Monica Rius
50- Astronomers and Astronomical Observatories at Cairo during the Fatamic Islamic Period (969-1171 A.D.)
Presenting author: Mosalam Shaltout
51- Prime archaeological researches near mountain Monastyri on the Western Altai
Presenting author: N. Dmitrieva
52- The Antikythera Mechanism: An Archaeoastronomical Artefact in its Religious Context.
Presenting author: Nick Campion
53- The “acropolis” on the Cesi hill in Umbria: an archaeo-astronomical analysis
Presenting author: Nicola Schiavottiello
54- From survey to education: how augmented reality can contribute to the study and dissemination of archaeo-astronomy.
Presenting author: Nicola Schiavottiello
55- On two Runic calendars in Rome and in Paris
Presenting author: Nicoletta Lanciano
56- Astronomical practice of Central Asian nomads and possible Pleiades, Orion Belt and Sirius alignments of the “moustached” kurgans
Presenting author: Nyssanbay M. Bekbassar
57- The General Technique of the Research of Historical Sites in the Astronomical Coordinates
Presenting author: Olga Polyakova
58- Some new reflections of Mr. Palomar
Presenting author: Orfeu Bertolami
59- MIinoan Labyrinth: The Oldest Map of the Sky
Presenting author: Panagiotes Gregoriades
60- Linguistic Sources for the Study of Popular Names of Stars in Italian and Spanish Languages.
Presenting author: Paola Capponi
61- Presocratic Cosmology
Presenting author: Peter Chapman-Rietschi
62- Were there astronomical rites at the peak sanctuaries on Crete?
Presenting author: Peter E Blomberg
63- Some properties of nearby galaxy clusters
Presenting author: Piotr FLIN
64- Mudumal: An Ancient Astronomical Observatory from South India
Presenting author: Pulla Rao Kudupudi
65- A Comparison of Two Independent Models of the Solar System: Bode's Law and the 260 Day Mesoamerican Calendar
Presenting author: Richard R. Zito
66- Astronomical events and their political significance in three Inca founding myths
Presenting author: Rita Fink
67- Temples with multiple alignments, Buena Vista, Perú, 2000 BC
Presenting author: Robert A. Benfer
68- Interdisciplinary approach to megalithic tombs in Northern Iberia
Presenting author: Rodrigo Gil-Merino
Presenting author: Ronaldo Mourão
70- Basque Stone Octagons Revisited
Presenting author: Roslyn Frank
71- Astronomical orientations of sacred architecture during the medieval period in Slovenia
Presenting author: Saša Čaval
72- One Day every 216 Years, three Days each Decan.
Presenting author: Sepp Rothwangl
73- Cosmologists Timeline
Presenting author: Thomas Hockey
74- The megalithic complex of the “Preta ‘ru Mulacchio”on the Monte della Stella
Presenting author: V. F. Polcaro
75- Living by al-Anwa': a literary, cultural and theological analysis of folk astronomy in pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabia
Presenting author: W. Ben Adams
76- The Antikythera Mechanism, astronomy and mathematics embedded in the gears
Presenting author: Xenophon Moussas