The proceedings volume of this conference will be published. As the proceeding volume is included in the Registration Fee, consequently, each participant will receive a copy of it.

To make this process smoothly and adequately, please check that your e-mail and surface addresses are clearly stated in the web page. If they are not, please edit your account and fix it accordingly.

We are glad to announce that the proceedings of the conference will be formally published as part of the conference series of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

All papers, including poster presentations, will be published after a peer review process.  The presentation of a talk or poster at the conference does not guarantee its publication in the proceedings.

Editors will be Juan Antonio Belmonte, Francisco Prada, José Alberto Rubiño Martín and Antxon Alberdi.

ASP obliges us to carry all the process within six months. This means that the deadline for submission of manuscripts will be a couple of months after the end of the conference: Friday November 21st 2008. There will not be prorogation!

This is quick but is driven by the need to finish the proceedings as soon after the author's deadline as possible - where 'finish' means submit to the printers. Please feel free to submit before the deadline.

Page limits (including figures) are as follows:

Invited talks (including opening conferences):        8 pages
Contributed talks:                                                            5 pages
Posters:                                                                             3 pages

Full instructions for preparing your contribution, including the template and macro files, can be found on the webpages of our publisher, ASP Conference Series, on:  <>.

Please study these and follow all the recommendations.

We also ask you to have your paper checked by a native of the English language before submission.

We will return your paper to you for fixing if you don't (and remember the golden rule of this game: you have only one paper to work on, we have 100!).

The latex file (cac2008_yourname.tex), all figures (B&W) and a pdf file of your complete paper (so we know how you want it to look) must be submitted to the first editor <>, with a copy to the conference secretariat <>, not later than November 21st 2008.


Note: There might be some authors who may not be familiarized with Latex.

Excepcionally and duly justified, we will accept  papers in word or ascii files without any kind of format or attiring. In this case, please do not use any special font and if you need it, please send us a pdf file of your complete paper (so we know how you want it to look) where the words using these fonts are clearly emphasized.