Abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author. After the deadline, the SOC will construct the scientific programme on the basis of these submitted abstracts.

Invited talks

1- How asteroseismology is renewing our knowledge on solar-like stars
Presenting author: Ballot J.
2- Seismological Challenges For Stellar Structure.
Presenting author: Christensen-Dalsgaard J.
3- Techniques for active region seismology
Presenting author: González-Hernández I.
4- Seismic observations and interpretation for red-giant stars
Presenting author: Hekker S.
5- Convection and Oscillations
Presenting author: Houdek, G.
6- Structure and evolution of pulsating hot subdwarfs
Presenting author: Kawaler S.
7- The acoustic and magnetic solar cycle
Presenting author: Komm R.
8- The interior of the Sun in 3D: how to go beyond the spherical Sun picture using seismology
Presenting author: Mathis S.
9- The effect of input physics on asteroseismic models
Presenting author: Metcalfe T.S.
10- Interpretation of asteroseismic data in stars at the low classical instability strip
Presenting author: Michel E.
11- Seismic observations and tools for hot stars
Presenting author: Neiner C.
12- Oscillations in rapidly rotating stars
Presenting author: Reese D.
13- Theoretical tools in local helioseismology
Presenting author: Schunker H.
14- Four Years of HELAS
Presenting author: von der Lühe O.
15- Observational asteroseismology of pulsating hot subdwarf stars
Presenting author: Řstensen R.

Contributed talks

1- Internal magnetic fields inferred from helioseismic data
Presenting author: Baldner C.S.
2- Frequency spacings of p modes in Red Giants observed by CoRoT.
Presenting author: Barban C.
3- Theoretical amplitudes of asymptotic solar gravity modes
Presenting author: Belkacem K.
4- The EXOTIME project and the synergy between Asteroseismology and Exoplanet search using the timing method
Presenting author: Benatti S.
5- A complicated case: HD49933
Presenting author: Benomar O.
6- Theoretical study of gamma Doradus pulsations in pre-main sequence stars
Presenting author: Bouabid M.-P.
7- Seismic signatures of stellar cores of Solar-like pulsators: dependence on mass and age
Presenting author: Brandao I.M.
8- Travel-Time Sensitivity Kernels for Density, Pressure, and Sound-Speed Perturbations
Presenting author: Burston R.
9- The Kepler Asteroseismic Investigation: Scientific goals and first results from Kepler
Presenting author: Christensen-Dalsgaard J.
10- Sunspot seismic halos generated by fast MHD wave refraction
Presenting author: Collados M.
11- Constraints of a pulsation frequency on stellar parameters in an eclipsing binary system.
Presenting author: Creevey O.L.
12- Probing the cores of solar-like pulsators
Presenting author: Cunha M.S.
13- Solar-like oscillations in low-luminosity red giants: First results from Kepler
Presenting author: De Ridder J.
14- Observations of B stars from CoRoT's asteroseismology programme
Presenting author: Degroote P.
15- Seismological inference on the core \mu-gradient of solar-like stars via low degree mixed modes
Presenting author: Deheuvels S.
16- The meridional flow as estimated by Fourier-Hankel decomposition
Presenting author: Doerr H.-P.
17- Asteroseismic Modelling of Procyon A
Presenting author: Dogan G.
18- Photometric study of two beta Cephei pulsators in eclipsing systems
Presenting author: Drobek D.
19- Seismic constraints on HD~46375 and detection of the direct light reflected by its Hot Jupiter companion in the CoRoT data
Presenting author: Gaulme P.
20- Hybrid gamma Doradus - delta Scuti pulsators: New Insights into the physics of the oscillations from Kepler observations
Presenting author: Grigahcene A.
21- A wave scattering theory of solar seismic haloes
Presenting author: Hanasoge S.M.
22- Discovery of a red giant with solar-like oscillations in an eclipsing binary system from Kepler Space-based Photometry
Presenting author: Hekker S.
23- The asteroseismic potential of Kepler: first results for solar-type stars I: Data Analysis
Presenting author: Karoff C.
24- Magneto-acoustic pulsations in atmospheres of roAp stars:
Presenting author: Khomenko E.
25- Frequency statistics of rapidly rotating star p-mode spectrum
Presenting author:
26- Modelling Results for Two Late Be Stars Observed by CoRoT
Presenting author: Lovekin C.C.
27- Can asteroseismology solve the solar abundance problem? The test case of HD43587
Presenting author: Mazumdar A.
28- The asteroseismic potential of Kepler: first results for solar-type stars II: Modelling
Presenting author: Metcalfe T.
29- Solar-like oscillations disclose the internal structure of the CoRoT red giant HR 7349
Presenting author: Miglio A.
30- The asteroseismic potential of Kepler: first results for solar-type stars III: Ground-based follow-up
Presenting author: Molenda-Zakowicz J.
31- Inference from adiabatic analysis of solar-like oscillations in red giants
Presenting author: Montalban J.
32- The Current Status of Sunspot Seismology
Presenting author: Moradi H.
33- On detecting the large separation in the autocorrelation of stellar oscillation times series
Presenting author: Mosser B.
34- Numerical helioseismic experiments of magneto-acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere
Presenting author: Nutto C.
35- Ensemble asteroseismology of pulsators in the young open clusters NGC 884 and NGC 6910 from a three-year campaign
Presenting author: Pigulski A.
36- Pulsational content and abundance analysis of COROT Delta Scuti stars
Presenting author: Poretti E.
37- Solar Oscillations and Meridional Circulation
Presenting author: Roth M.
38- The stability of toroidal magnetic fields in rotating stellar tachoclines
Presenting author: Ruediger G.
39- What does the Sun suggest about global oscillation amplitudes in solar-like stars?
Presenting author: Severino G.
40- The sdB+giant planet system V391Peg: an updated overview
Presenting author: Silvotti R.
41- Is the macroturbulent broadening present in OB Supergiants related with pulsations?
Presenting author:
42- Magnetoacoustic waves in the atmosphere of roAp stars – A theoretical interpretation
Presenting author: Sousa J.
43- A Multiline Spectrometer for Seismic Mapping of the Solar Atmosphere at the Vacuum Tower Telescope, Tenerife
Presenting author: Staiger J.
44- Detection of solar-like oscillations from Kepler photometry of the open cluster NGC 6819
Presenting author: Stello D.
45- On the use of rototational splitting asymmetries to probe the internal rotation profile of stars. Application to Beta Cephi stars.
Presenting author:
46- Asteroseismology & Virtual Observatory: the new generation stellar physics is coming.
Presenting author:
47- Ground-based follow-up in relation to Kepler Asteroseismic Investigation
Presenting author: Uytterhoeven K.
48- Complex asteroseismology of the hybrid B-type pulsator Gamma Pegasi: a test of stellar opacities
Presenting author: Walczak P.
49- Observing magneto-acoustic waves in the solar photosphere
Presenting author: Zharkov S.
50- The PLATO Mission Project
Presenting author: Zima W.


1- Author: Anfinogentov S.
2- Author: Baldner C.S.
3- Author: Baldner C.S.
4- Author: Ballot J.
5- Author: Ballot J.
6- Author: Basu S.
7- Author: Baudin F.
8- Author: Bazot M.
9- Author: Bazot M.
10- Author: Beck P.
11- Author: Bogart R.S.
12- Author: Bouabid M.-P.
13- Author:
14- Author: Cameron R.
15- Author: Chakraborty S.
16- Author: Chaplin, W.J. and the WG#1 Kepler Team
17- Author: Corbard T.
18- Author: Creevey O.L.
19- Author: Davies G. R.
20- Author: de Meulenaer P.
21- Author: Dogan G.
22- Author: Eff-Darwich A. & Korzennik S.G.
23- Author: Elsworth Y.
24- Author: Escobar M.E.
25- Author: Felipe T.
26- Author:
27- Author: Fox-Machado L.
28- Author: Fumel A.
29- Author: Garcia R.A.
30- Author: Garcia R.A.
31- Author: Garcia R.A.
32- Author: Garcia R.A.
33- Author: Gizon L.
34- Author: Gizon L.
35- Author: Gizon L.
36- Author: Gizon L.
37- Author: Godart M.
38- Author:
39- Author:
40- Author:
41- Author: Hekker S.
42- Author: Hill F.
43- Author: Hill F.
44- Author: Hrudkova M.
45- Author: Irbah A.
46- Author: Jain K.
47- Author: Jain K.
48- Author: Karoff C.
49- Author: Karoff C.
50- Author: Kochukhov O.
51- Author: Kochukhov O.
52- Author: Kueker M.
53- Author: Latkovic O.
54- Author: Loisel G.
55- Author: Maceroni C.
56- Author: Marques J.P.
57- Author: Mathur S.
58- Author: Mathur S.
59- Author: Maurya R.A.
60- Author: Mazumdar A.
61- Author: Miglio A.
62- Author: Miglio, A.
63- Author: Ming Y.
64- Author: Molenda-Zakowicz J.
65- Author: Moradi H.
66- Author: Mosser B.
67- Author: Mosser B.
68- Author: Moya A.
69- Author: Moya A.
70- Author: Moya A.
71- Author: Ouazzani R-M.
72- Author: Poleski R.
73- Author: Pricopi D.
74- Author: Quirion P.O.
75- Author: Rashba T.I.
76- Author: Ripepi V.
77- Author: Roxburgh I.
78- Author: Sachkov M.
79- Author: Saidi Y.
80- Author: Salabert D.
81- Author: Salabert D.
82- Author: Salmon, S.
83- Author: Sato K.
84- Author: Schad A.
85- Author: Schunker H.
86- Author: Schunker H.
87- Author: Semaan T.
88- Author: Silva-Aguirre V.
89- Author: Simoniello R.
90- Author: Simoniello R.
91- Author: Sodor A.
92- Author: Stello D.
93- Author: Suran M.D.
94- Author: Svanda M.
95- Author: Szewczuk W.
96- Author: Turck-Chieze S.
97- Author: Uytterhoeven K.
98- Author: Uytterhoeven K.
99- Author: Verner G.A.
100- Author: Zaatri A.
101- Author: Zima W.