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Lanzarote Airport is located between Arrecife and the main tourist resort of Puerto del Carmen on the island of Lanzarote. Because of its popularity with holiday makers, this airport serves frequent scheduled and chartered flights from destinations all over Europe, as well as internal flights connecting Lanzarote Airport to the other islands within the Archipelago.

The main changeover day for the tourist resorts here is Thursday, which makes the airport especially busy, although there are now many flights on other days throughout the week.

If you are looking for real time flight information, you can find it by visiting the official Lanzarote Airport website, which will take you to the English Version of the flight information page.


Lanzarote airport now has two terminals. Terminal one services international flights and is on two floors with Departures on the upper floor and Arrivals on the lower floor.

Information Points

An information desk is located on the departures floor (tel: +34 928 846 001). Airport staff in green jackets are available to assist travellers.

Local transport

Taxi:  As Lanzarote is a tourist island, there are a plentiful supply of taxis at the airport; waiting taxis can be found outside the arrivals hall on the lower floor. The standard of taxis is generally very high, with most being kept scrupulously clean by the drivers,  who apparently carry a bucket and lather with them, to clean the taxi at every opportunity.

Approximate rates to / from the airport to Arrecife is around 6.00 Euro, and depends on the current time. You may obtain more information by calling +34 928 520 667.

Bus: Public transport on the island is provided by an extensive network of buses (guaguas) that operate between the airport and all major towns, including the tourist resorts on a regular basis. Again the general standard of the buses here is very high.

The Lanzarote Airport bus service departs from outside the Arrivals halls in T1 and T2.  On Saturdays and Sundays look for Lines 22 or 23. The journey from Lanzarote Airport to the terminus in Arrecife is a 5 km drive, takes around 15-25 minutes and costs 1.20 Euro (the hotel can then be reached by foot). The buses are specially designed so that plenty of luggage space is available. You can call +34 928 811 522 for more information.

Our top tip is to ask someone in the queue how long they have been waiting and deduct it from the intervals that buses seem to run at. For information on prices and times, visit or the Spanish Airport Guide.

Car hire: There are a good number of car hire operators situated at Lanzarote Airport, whose desks may be found in the Arrivals hall. In order to speed your transition through the airport it is advisable to pre-book your rental car, especially in the peak holiday season. If you wish to hire a car, at a very good rate, we recommend you use CICAR ( You may find the CICAR desk at the airport hall. The rate is 30 euros/day, full insurance included.

Changing Money

The most recommendable way to get cash is by withdrawal from any of the numerous cash-dispensing machines.Foreign currency facilities are also available at Lanzarote Airport and there are a number of Cash Machines (ATMs) located around the Airport.



All participants are strongly recommended to arrange for medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the Canary Islands. The LOC will not accept liability for sickness or accidents. Spanish public health centres have co-operation agreements with most European Union countries.

Hospital Insular de Lanzarote is the main public hospital on the island and it is where accident victims will be taken.  NOTE: if you are not accompanied by a Spanish speaker it is likely you will spend a lengthy amount of time at the hospital as there are no English speaking staff and generally, holidaymakers are not prioritised. Telephone: 928 812 350.

Hospital Address: Hospital Insular de Lanzarote
c/ Juan de Quesada s/n
35500 Arrecife.
Phone: 928. 810.000, 928.810.500, 928.810.504.

Red Cross centres and emergency telephones can be found at regular intervals along the main motorways and roads of the island. For any kind of emergency, dial 112 directly.

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