Sponsoring and Exhibition


To your attention the opportunity to be involved. The conference offers the following possibilities for sponsoring and/or exhibition.

Sponsoring: With the minimum level of 1000 euros, the logo of your company or organisation will be included in the conference website and in the materials to be supplied to the attendees. With a sponsorship level of 1500 euros we will, in addition, include the logo in the exhibition announcements and at the social events of the congress. It is also possible to sponsor specific social events, such as coffee and lunch breaks, the welcome reception, the conference dinner, or the excursions which have been planned to the Observatories on Tenerife and La Palma. Sponsorship can be tailored to any specific needs.

Exhibition: Our conference venue, the Aulario Central of the Guajara Campus of the University of La Laguna, includes ample exhibition space immediately outside the main lecture theatre which will be used for the conference sessions. From 200 euros per square meter (minimum six sq. metres) we will provide a table, two chairs, and electricity, as well as access to the coffee breaks and lunches for one person. In case sponsoring the conference is also chosen in one of the ways described above, the price will be reduced. Names of exhibitors will be added to the conference webpage as well as reproduced on the conference materials. We welcome other proposals that can align better with any particular needs and wishes.

​​​​​​​Exposure at this symposium, as sponsor and/or as exhibitor, will bring your organisation into direct contact with the experts attending the meeting, but also with the IAC and the IAU who are organising the meeting. In return, you will help the organisers to produce a unique and memorable event for all our international and national participants.

For any questions, or to contract sponsorship or exhibition at the Symposium, please contact in first instance technical secretariat of our meeting at iaus355@viajeseci.es .

We look forward to having your organisation involved with this exciting Symposium!