Introductory courses (8 h)

1. Fundamentals of Cosmology.

2.  The Standard Model of Particle Physics (S. Heinemeyer)

Lectures (23 h)

1.High Energy Physics and the Very Early Universe: Inflation and Quantum Cosmology (3h)

2. From Inflation to Nucleosynthesis (3 h)

3. The Physics of Primary CMB Anisotropies. (3 h)

4. Observations of the CMB spectrum and anisotropies: constraints on the Cosmological model. (3 h)

5. Primordial Gravitational Waves and the Polarization of the CMB (2.5h)

6. The CMB interaction with high energy particles: hot plasmas in clusters of galaxies and in the intergalactic medium (3h)

7. CMB, Dark matter and Dark energy (2h)

8. CMB data analysis techniques. (3h)

Special talks (2h)