This is the preliminary programme of the School. Please, note that changes are still possible.


Monday 3rd
08.45-09.00 Welcome to the school  Paco Garzón
09.00-11.00 The Gaia mission       Nick Walton
11.30-13.30 GES: description, status and prospects Carlos Allende
15.00-18.00 Introduction to practical sessions: description and distribution of exercises Peter / Paco + instructor team
Tuesday 4th
09.00-11.00 Observation management and logistics. Types of obs. progs. Fernando Comerón
11.30-13.30 Gaia data flow: date treatment and reduction Xavier Luri
15.00-18.00 Working @ IAC Instructor team
20.00-???? School dinner  
Wednesday 5th
09.00-11.00 Pre-observations and models Carine Babusieaux
11.30-13.30 The Virtual Observatory Enrique Solano
15.00-17.00 Working @ IAC (VO oriented) Instructor team
17.00-01.00 Observing run @ OT: IAC80 + TCS: CMD of selected clusters (visible + NIR) Instructor team
Thursday 6th
10.00:11-30 ESO observatories: description and how to optimize obs. to fit on it Peter Hammersley
12.00-13.30 ORM telescopes: same as above Rene Rutten
15.00-18.00 Presentations of student's work  
Friday 7th
08-00-20.00 Visit to ORM  

Last update: August 22th