Registered participants

The table below gives the list of attendees as they appear in the LOC records. We give here a full list of people that have commenced the process for coming to the school, while some of them have not yet fully confirmed their attendance. This might be due to a number of reasons, most of which will be fixed in due time. Please, check that your status, OK or pending, is the right one and keep us informed about your progress so as we can update the information (secens at We have made non-refundable booking at the hotel and reserve a seat in the lecture room and in the different events for those with status OK. People with pending status have only pre-booking, which should be confirmed asap.

Please, check also that the info under the column "Grant" is correct. HR: half registration; FR: full registration. As an important note, there is a change in the refunding procedure. If you are entitled to a refund, please fill this form (fill in the bank and account information yourself, no need for bank stamp) and send it with a copy of your passport to (secens at Contrary of what was previously announced, refund is only possible through wire transfer.

We also request that you sent by mail, at your earliest convenience, a copy of your passport to Eva Bejarano (ebp at for the booking of the flight tickets to La Palma, to visit the Observatory on Friday 7th.


1st Name
Name Status Grant
Guillaume Guiglion OK HR
Iulia Simion OK  
Tristan Cantat-Gaudin OK  
Miriam Cortés Contreras OK HR
Cheng Liu OK  
Tatiana Muraveva OK  
Carmen A. Martinez Barbosa OK  
Fabo Feng OK  
Pieter Neyskens OK HR
Sergi Blanco Cuaresma OK  
Paul Compère OK  
Nataliya Kovalenko Pending FR
Mohamad Abbas OK HR
Nadejda Blagoródnova OK  
Terry Mahoney OK  
John Vickers OK  
Max Palmer OK  
Hoda Abedi OK  
Javier Zaragoza OK  
Maryam Saberi Pending FR
Sara RezaeiKhoshbakht Pending FR
Sarah Fazlollahpour Pending FR
Toni Santana i Ros OK  

Last update: July 23th