Scientific Programme

The scientific program includes the following topics:

  1. Solar internal structure from helioseismology
  2. Solar cycle: convection, rotation, dynamo, and flux emergence
  3. Theoretical radiative transfer and spectropolarimetry
  4. Photospheric dynamics and magnetism;
  5. Chromospheric dynamics and magnetism;
  6. Corona and transition region: dynamics, magnetic fields and heating mechanisms
  7. Energetic events, flares and CMEs and space weather
  8. Upcoming telescopes and instruments

The detailed scientific program and abstract book is available here.


Invited Reviews

Andreas Lagg "Measurements of photospheric magnetic fields"
Ann Marie Broomhall "Solar internal structure and dynamics"
Astrid Veronig "Solar eruptions and energetic events"
Consuelo Cid "Solar energetic events and space weather"
Iñigo Arregui "Heating of the solar corona"
Jaime de la Cruz "Non-LTE chromospheric diagnostics and inversions"
Rob Rutten "Observations and diagnostics of the solar chromosphere"
Sarah Gibson "Dynamics and diagnostics of the solar corona"
Sarah Matthews "Science with European Solar Telescope"
Yuhong Fan "Differential rotation and solar convective dynamo"
Invited Talks
Ada Ortiz
Adur Pastor Yabar
Ariane Schad
Haruhisa Iijima
Jiri Stepan
Lauren Jouve
Maarit Käpylä
Marilena Mierla
Nazaret Bello Gonzalez
Nicki Viall
Philippa Browning
Rebecca Centeno
Tiago Pereira
Tobias Felipe
Tony Arber
Special session on "Upcoming telescopes and instruments"
Jose Carlos del Toro Iniesta "Solar Orbiter mission"
Masahito Kubo "Results and future of CLASP project"
Hans-Peter Doerr "Sunrise III project"
Valentín Martínez Pillet "DKIST telescope"
Poster Session
Posters will be on display the full week. 
The size of the poster panels is 960 mm × 960 mm.