Photos from the Canary Islands

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Photos from Tenerife:

anaga: The Anaga Mountains
cabra: Fauna and flora you can encounter along the trails here!
garacic: Garacico, a small town on the north coast
garacicmar: The swimming place of Garacico
hyaktei2: A long exposure (45mins) of comet Hyakutake over Teide (same as on homepage)
iac80: One of the telescopes (the IAC80) on Mt Izana. In the background, the island of Gran Canaria
ninoplaza: Kids playing table soccer in the plaza of Bunenavista
restmar: A nice dinner on the ocean
soltel: A solar telescope on Mt. Izana, in the background Mt. Teide
tabornosunset: Sunset over the Anaga mountains
teide1b: View from the hills near La Laguna towards Mt. Teide
teidstar: Night time image of Mt. Teide

From La Palma:

caltab1: In the interior of Caldera Taburiente, the deepest volcanic crater in the world
earthshadow: Shadow of the La Palma mountains projected into the sky at sunset
ice: Ice sculptures on shrubs, at Roque Muchachos
marnub1: The 'mar de nubes' over the Caldera Taburiente
roqmuchachos: Roque Muchachos, the highest point of La Palma, in winter.

More to come...whenever there's 'Spare time' left