Special Session 2
Observational anomalies challenging the Lambda-CDM cosmological model (EWASS 2015, Tenerife, June 22nd) 
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  Paper N\B0  
Invited talk 1339 Eric Lerner
Surface Brightness of Galaxies and the Evidence Against the Concordance Model
Contributed talk 62 Martin Lopez-Corredoira
Tests for the Expansion of the Universe
Contributed talk 711 Christoph Saulder
Systematic variations of the Hubble flow
Contributed talk 948 Irene Balmes
Using strong lenses and Bayesian statistics to measure H0
Contributed talk 1479 Andras Kovacs
Cold imprint of supervoids in the Cosmic Microwave Background reconsidered with Planck and BOSS DR10
Contributed talk 340 Fulvio Melia
Zero Active Mass in FRW Cosmologies
Invited talk 242 Pavel Kroupa
Do astronomical data contradict the existence of dynamically

relevant particle cold or warm dark matter?
Contributed talk 176 Luciano Lorenzi
The cosmic dipole of the expansion center universe
Contributed talk 1320 Esra Russell
  Bianchi I Models After Planck: An Alternative Way To Model The Present day Universe
Contributed talk 165 Jacques Moret-Bailly
Lyman alpha forest and redshift periodicities of quasars.
Invited talk 869 Riccardo Scarpa
Testing Newtonian gravity in the low acceleration regime with wide-binary stars
Contributed talk 154 Ekaterina Karukes
Galactic Dark Matter distribution at large radii
Contributed talk 166 Henry Lin
Scaling Relations of Halo Cores for Strongly Interacting Dark Matter
Contributed talk 325 Federico Lelli
The empirical laws of galactic rotation: a fine-tuning challenge for LCDM