Nikola joined the initial project led by Elena Khomenko (SPIA, Solar Partially Ionized Atmosphere) in 2012 after defending his PhD thesis in Utrecht (NL) and a short episode in the Earth observations. In September 2018 he joined the PI2FA project. Nikola's duties in the project include developing of some modules of the Mancha code. Also he takes care of its fork dedicated to computation of the detailed radiative transfer (Mancha-Ray). 

Nikola's main field of research is transport of radiation in the solar and stellar atmospheres and how does the radiation interacts with the matter. The problem is two-faced. First, the radiation is an essential part of the RMHD equations determine the structure and dynamics of the stellar plasma. Second, the radiation-based spectroscopic diagnostics are the essential source of information that we have about distant atmospheres. The combination of the two provides a unified picture of the modeling and observations.