December 2021

Valerii has defended her Thesis  "Large-Amplitude Oscillations in Erupting and Quiescent Solar Prominences". Congratulations!!!


September 2021

Most of the group is attending online ESPM 16 conference


Summer 2021

Matias Koll Pistarini joined the group for the Master project, devoted to implementation of the non-uniform grid.

Martin Manuel Gomez Miguez joined the group for the Master project. He will study waves with the two-fluid code version.


February 2021

Welcome a new member of the group! Anamaria Navarro joined the project as a postdoc!


February 2021

David Martinez was awarded the Advanced Fellows Severo Ochoa postodoctoral position in the IAC. He will continue his research line of Solar Physics.




April 2020

Welcome a new member of the group! Sergio Javier Gonz├ílez Manrique joined the project group as a postdoc.


1 April 2020

We congratulate Beatrice with her thesis defence.

Thesis title is "Simulations of the solar chromosphere in the two-fluid approximation".


Coronovirus 2020

First group meeting via Zoom, March 16, 2020



Canary Islands Winter School

This year the Canary Islands Winter School will focus on computational fluid dynamics in a wide range of astrophysical applications, from the sun and stars to the galaxies. All lectures will be delivered in the way that can be followed by both solar and non-solar participants. The lectures will be accompanied with hands-on exercises on a local supercomputer and with several seminars on related topics (HDF5, MPI, PRACE, CFD in industry).

The website with the full information and the list of lecturers is here: