International school on "The Galaxy, Stellar Compositions and Dynamics"

First announcement of the IAC/GREAT-ITN school on "The Galaxy, Stellar Compositions and Dynamics"

IAC, La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain), September 2-6, 2013

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), under the auspices of the GREAT-ITN (Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training), organizes an international school on "The Galaxy, Stellar Compositions and Dynamics" aimed at providing an understanding of the Milky Way as a holistic system -- one of the key challenges in astrophysics for the coming decade. The school is mainly addressed to PhD students in Astronomy and Physics and is focused, but not limited, to provide adequate training to the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) of the GREAT-ITN partners. The event will take place at Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Spain) on September 2 to 6, 2013. The school is managed by the GREAT-ITN node at the IAC and is open to students and researchers of an ample variety of backgrounds, interested in galactic systems in general and in the Galaxy, in particular.

The school will be organised in morning and afternoon sessions. During the mornings, the different topics will be developed by the instructors in a series of lectures, each of these focused in a specific area. The afternoons will be shared between lecturers and short presentations of selected contributions.

The school will be held in a centrally located hotel in Puerto de la Cruz (Hotel Beatriz, A block reservation has been made in the hotel, which has to be confirmed in the coming weeks. The booking is sufficient for 40 attendees in double-room half board (breakfast and lunch) occupancy and can be extended upon request up to a given limit. It includes the lecture room in the same hotel.

Please, visit the school web page for information and pre-registration: (functional on Monday, March 11th).

The deadline for pre-registration is April, 1st, but since there is a maximum number of rooms available, an early registration is highly recommended. The final amount for the school fee is still being negotiated. It will cover the lodging on double room half board, the school dinner and the coffee breaks. The fee will be set by the time of the second announcement (mid April), when pre-registered participants will be asked to confirm their registration with their payment.

The programme is still being built and will be published in the web page together with the list of speakers as soon as possible. The topics for the lectures are the following:

Dynamics of the Milky Way
Simulations: N-body, SPH, …
Chemical Abundances
Stellar Populations: chemical composition, kinematics, morphology
Galactic Surveys: astrometry, photometry and spectroscopy
Stellar distribution models