GOYA (Galaxy Origins and Young Assembly)

GOYA is a survey of the high-redshift universe using EMIR, the NIR multi-object spectrograph on the 10-m Gran Telescopio Canarias ( GTC). Several scientific programmes use the GOYA survey, in coordination, to address key questions on cosmological galaxy evolution including the star-formation history of low-mass star-forming galaxies, the mass assembly, stellar populations and IMF of the most massive galaxies, and the identification and characterization of the sources of cosmic reionization.



The GOYA team is charged of the preparation of the Central Program of EMIR, the GOYA survey, making use of  Guaranteed Observational Time (GOT). It  is granted by GRANTECAN to the institutions participating in the EMIR project, and signatories of the Letter of Agreement, in return to the efforts, dedications and investments spent during the lifetime of the project.




EAST (EMIR Associate Science Team)

EAST (EMIR Associate Science Team) is a scientific group in charge of developing an observing programme complementary to that of GOYA, which is expected to be carried out during the early phases of EMIR at the GTC.

In addition, the EAST members will benefit from an early knowledge of the instrument perfomances and functionalities, and could also contribute with some directions during the EMIR construction and calibration phases.

As is customary in the bulding of any large and complicated instrument, the fabrication team is rewarded by the owner of the telescope in stallation with certain amount of observing time, which use would not be affected by the timeal location comittees. Also the observing programs, within this time allocation need not be restricted to the instrument to which is attached, but can make full use of the whole set of the telescope's facilities.

The projects involved in this group are oriented to several environments and groups: solar system, stars, nearby galaxies, high redshifts, etc. Some examples are ( see the whole team page):


EAST Members List