Atmospheric and Adaptive Optics in Astrophysics at IAC: mesospheric Na, turbulence, spectral and spatial resolution for high contrast objects.
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High Spatial Resolution Group
Laser Guide Star / Adaptive Optics
Equalized and Diffraction-limited IFS
Atmospheric Optics
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The team
Characterization of the mesospheric sodium layer
cute-SCIDAR at Paranal
Paranal Cute-SCIDAR. This instrument, developed by IAC, has been succesfully commissioned at Paranal Observatory (Nov 2007).
Cute-SCIDAR instrument. Characteristics and installation in JKT (ORM) and TCS (OT).
First detection of the sodium in the mesopause with laser on the Teide Observatory (5 Dic 2001)


Introduction to GARE
Equalized and DIffraction-limited FIeld Spectrograph Experiment
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Wavefronts affected by atmosphere
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