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Bibliographic Research

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   The bistatic LGS scheme for Sodium layer height characterization (based on the Teide Observatory exp Download   2008
   Recent Results Canarian Observatories Download   2007
   In situ calibration using satellite data results Download   2007
   Use of Satellite Data for Astronomical Site Characterization Download   2007
   Automatic determination of atmospheric turbulence wind profiles using wavelets Download   2006
   A satellite survey of cloud cover and water vapor in northwest Africa and southern Spain Download   2006
   Tropospheric wind regimes and site topographical effects: importance for site characterization Download   2006
   Medida de la turbulencia atmosfrica en los Observatorios de Canarias: la tcnica SCIDAR Download   2005
   Estudio de la conexin entre el viento turbulento sobre el Observatorio del Teide y la velocidad del Download   2005
   Archivos de diagnstico del clima: una herramienta para evaluar la calidad de los observatorios astr Download   2005
   Caracterizacin de la capa de Sodio mesosfrico para sistemas de estrella de guiado lser (LGS) en e Download   2005
   Calima anticiclnica y mar de nubes: implicaciones en los Observatorios de Canarias Download   2005
   Climate diagnostic archives: an approach to ELT site selection Download   2004
   Propagation statistics of ground-satellite optical links with different turbulence conditions Download   2004
   Experimental test of laser beam propagation with simultaneous measurements of turbulence profiles Download   2004
   Light pollution generated by laser guide star at Canarian Observatories Download   2004
   Cute SCIDAR: presentation of the new Canarian instrument and first observational results Download   2004
   Comparison of the aerosol index from satellites and the atmospheric extinction coefficient above the Download   2004
   Climatological databases as a tool for the ELT site selection Download   2004
   Correlation between TOMS aerosol index and astronomical extinction Download   2004
   The influence of spot saturation on DIMM seeing measurements Download   2004
   Site selection for the European ELT Download   2004
   Non-correlation between atmospheric extinction coefficient and TOMS aerosol index at the Canarian Ob Download   2004
   Mesospheric sodium monitoring for laser guide star Download   2004
   Statistics of atmospheric parameters for multiconjugated adaptative opticsor the Observatorio del Ro Download   2004
   Performance of satellite-to-ground communications link between ARTEMIS and the Optical Ground Statio Download   2004
   Vertical structure of the turbulence in the observatories of the Canary Islands: parameters and stat Download   2004
   Turbulence Profiles in the Observatories of the Canary Islands: Preliminary Statistics for Adaptive Download   2004
   Detailed study of 200 mbar wind speed at the Canary Islands. Download   2004
   An automatically controlled SCIDAR instrument for Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. Download   2004
   Input parameters of the HV model above canarian observatories. Download   2004
   Hybrid instrument for turbulence detection: wavefront sensing and scintillation detection in a fully Download   2004
   The role of the tropopause layer altitude on the infrared quality of astronomical sites Download   2004
   Site-testing results at the Teide Observatory Download   2002
   Site Characterization for MCAO-ELT at the Canarian Observatories Download   2002
   Image Quality, Meteorology and Isoplanatism at the ORM Download   2002
   The astroclimatic station: A Must for any major observatory Download   2002
   Caracterizacin de las masas de aire en la regin subtropical sobre Canarias. Download   2001
   Site Properties of the Canarian Observatories. Download   1998