Tools and Approaches to research Print


The SOLAIRE network approaches research from a fourfold perspective using state-of-the-art techniques in

  • supercomputing
  • ground-based observations
  • space observations
  • analytical theory



The research of the SOLAIRE network is carried out using the unique suite of observational and computational tools that is becoming available to European researchers. These include:

  • new-generation, highly-efficient computer codes to solve the MHD and multi-fluid equations, developed by, or available to, the Solaire teams, that allow us to recreate near-solar conditions in computer models;
  • the impressive range of European solar ground-based facilities (Dutch Open Telescope, Swedish Solar Tower, the French-Italian Themis telescope, the German VTT and GREGOR telescopes), most of them directly linked to the Solaire teams and located at the IAC’s Observatories;
  • a series of solar and heliospheric space missions (Hinode/Solar-B, SDO, STEREO, Proba II, with launches between 2006 and 2008) which are to provide data in the coming few years
  • massively parallel computers, both large massively parallel computer clusters at the individual institutions as well as the largest supercomputer installations in Europe with a competitive, open-access policy.