The enrichment histories of disk galaxies, the case of NGC300

Advisor: C.J. Walcher (AIP, Potsdam)
Summary: The formation of disk galaxies in a cosmological context is thought to proceed inside out, i.e. stars start forming at small radii and star formation proceeds to the outskirts of the galaxy over time. On the other hand, the dichotomy between thick and thin disk in the Milky Way seems to point to a turbulent early history of disk galaxies in general. In the single case of the Milky Way, the results of the Gaia satellite will allow to study this process in detail. However, we need a much larger number of comparison objects with well-measured enrichment histories in dependence on radius in order to be able to place the Milky Way into its cosmological context. The goal of this thesis is to further develop methods needed for these comparison studies and to apply them to existing very high signal-to-noise data of NGC300. The scientific result of the PhD will be a much clearer understanding of the observational constraints on disk formation and growth from abundance ratio measurements.
Gran information: IAC international grants
Contact: Jesús Falcón-Barroso (

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