Robert Watson

Stay at the IAC: 01/03/2018 a 18/04/2018

Research line: Cosmology and Astroparticles

Dr. Watson is currently a research fellow at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, UK on the H2020 RADIOFOREGROUNDS grant modelling Galactic Synchrotron emission.

He started in 1984 as a student to bring out an experiment in a collaboration between Jodrell Bank and IAC to study the CMB from the Teide Observatory, Izaña, which became the Tenerife Experiment. This was followed up with running and managing from 2000 the Very Small Array interferometer to measure the angular power spectrum of the CMB on scales of a degree to 5 arcminutes. In 2007, he returned to Manchester to work on the Planck LFI systematics and dipole absolute calibration and is currently also involved in the eMERLIN weak-lensing SuperCLASS project and on the Lovell Phased Array Feed deployment.

Scientific activity during the period visiting the IAC:
During his stay at the IAC, he will work with Dr Ricardo Génova and Dr José Alberto Rubiño on reducing the remaining systematics in the QUIJOTE data and modeling of the synchrotron emission from the FAN region and North Polar Spur.

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