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teTeX 3.0 and psfig

teTeX v3.0 (the distribution containing TeX, LaTeX, dvips etc.) has been recently installed in IAC's Linux and Sun Solaris machines. While it seems to be working well, there is a small problem with the psfig package, which has been removed and replaced by epsfig. To ensure that the compilation of your latex file run smoothly, do the following.

Check out the header of your latex file, and replace psfig with epsfig in the \usepackage or \documentstyle commands. For instance, replace:
\usepackage{psfig}  by  \usepackage{epsfig}   
 or, if you still have some older latex files:
\documentstyle[twoside,psfig]{article}  by   \documentstyle[twoside,epsfig]{article}

Notice that the command: \psfig is still valid, though you may replace it by \epsfig (these two commands really are synonymous).

As for CAT proposals, you should download the latest version of the (template) file cat_exam.tex, where the above fix has already been applied. There is no need to download the cat.sty file too, as it has already been updated in the texmf-local tree of our teTeX v3.0 distribution.
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