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The newsletter of the SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza N. 2 - October 2005
Atendiendo a una sugerencia recibida, a partir de esta edición vamos a ofrecer el boletín "SIENews" también en castellano. Si prefieres recibir la versión en castellano de "SIENEws", por favor manda un mail a (o simplemente haz un reply a este mail) para que te incluyamos en la mailing list correspondiente.

Contribution to ADASS XV: Parallel Applications with Condor

Perhaps as you read this, Angel will be giving a talk at ADASS XV on the use of Condor for non-embarrassingly parallel applications (i.e. not made of independent tasks). The chosen sample application was a Radiative Transfer code. The original code was written with MPI by Nayra Rodríguez Eugenio (based on a sequential code written by Dr. Corrado Giammanco), and was translated to Condor-MW as an illustrative example for the talk, allowing much larger problem sizes than it would be possible with our Beowulf cluster. If you want more details, please get in touch.

IntelC/C++ compiler and teTeX-3.0

A couple of weeks ago we upgraded the teTeX distribution (which includes TeX, LaTeX, pdfTeX, dvips etc.) to v3.0. Please note that the "psfig" package has been replaced by "epsfig", so in your latex file change \usepackage{psfig} with \usepackage{epsfig} (for further details see teTeX3.0 and psfig). Also, we installed the Intel C/C++ Compiler v 9.0.21. Unfortunately, we could not upgrade the Intel F90 compiler to v9.0.21 because of odd problems with the spanish localization and the GNU linker (we opened a ticket with Intel Support).

Parallel Computing Workgroup

In September we organized a course on Parallel Computing which was quite well received. But apparently some people wanted more, so we have decided to start a Parallel Computing Workgroup as an experiment ... The idea is to create a group of people that are interested in learning Parallel Computing (so far with MPI), and learn together by discussing and solving on-line exercises in a sort of Virtual Class. We have no idea whether this will work out, but if you want to try it, get in touch with us.

Power tools for the budding programmer: Makefiles, Version Control, Debugger and Profiler

When writing code, do you ever spend a lot of time writing printf commands to find a bug? or trying to manually revert to the version you had yesterday? or wondering why your code gave a "Segmentation Fault"? If so, you should learn how to use the tools mentioned above. If enough people are interested, we will organize a talk about this. To show your interest, vote at the forum.

A quick stroll through the SIE website

Have you visited our website? The SIE home page contains a navigation menu, our most recent news and activities (upcoming Courses and Talks, software installations and upgrades), the most recent Forum topics, and links to someFAQs and other (we hope) useful documents. If you wish to know what software packages we install, maintain and support, go to the SIE software list. Or are you perhaps looking for Supercomputing at the IAC? And do not forget to read the interesting discussions in the SIE Users Committee. If you can't find what you're looking for, use the new search box.
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