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Description Software suite developed at HEASARC, consisting of FTOOLS, FV, XANADU and XSTAR.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: HEAsoft v6.28 (installed in September 2020).
Usage At the command prompt, type:
headas  or  xheadas

This will start a new shell from where you can use any of the HEAsoft/HEADAS tasks (xheadas will also open a new terminal window).
In both cases type exit when you have finished.
Upgrade Notes Changes and improvements in the latest version are described at length in Release Notes for HEAsoft.
Manuals and
Use the help commands, or visit the various documentation links in the HEAsoft website.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info It's a pretty large and complex software which includes several subpackages. We recommend that you read the relevant documentation before using it.