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Main IRAF External Packages

IRAF contains many external and contributed packages: here is a partial list of those installed in IRAF 2.16.1 under Linux at the IAC. Older packages no longer present in V2.16.1 may still be available in the previous IRAF 2.14 version, which is still installed and available to all users. Ask us how to launch and use it.

Package Version Description
color 2.0 IRAF package for creating color composite images and displays from three bandpass IRAF images.
esowfi 1.3 (Mar 2001) Package developed at ESO to reduce ESO WFI CCD mosaic data. See the postscript file: Handling ESO WFI Data With IRAF.
fitsutil 3Jan2010 Package to work with multi-extension FITS files.
guiapps 1.2 Prototype IRAF applications with integral GUIs (graphical user interfaces).
iactasks N/A Tasks developed an the IAC. They are pretty old, and might or might not work in the most recent IRAF releases. Check it yourself ... No support is provided.
ifocas Sep 1997 Package to detect and catalog objects in images. It's basically the same as focas, but with better integration with IRAF.
LIRISDR January2014 Package for LIRIS data reduction, developed by our own Jose Acosta. Its usage is described in the User's Guide to LIRIS Data Reduction.
mscred 5.05 Reduce CCD mosaic data in which the data are in the mosaic MEF data format. Find an overview of the package in the mscguide help, or type help mscguide in iraf.
nfextern 20130404 Package designed specifically for the reduction of NEWFIRM (an IR mosaic camera) instrument data, but which is also useful for other IR and mosaic reductions.
rvsao 2.8.2 Package developed at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center to obtain radial velocities from spectra using cross-correlation and emission line fitting techniques.
stecf 2.1 Contains various tasks developed at the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility.
stsdas 3.17 Package developed at STScI for reducing and analyzing astronomical data. It is layered on top of IRAF and provides general-purpose tools for astronomical data analysis as well as routines specifically designed for HST data.
tables 3.17 Provides support for tabular data for STSDAS and other packages.
xdimsum 2003-01-24 "Experimental Deep Infrared Mosaicing Software" or XDIMSUM is a package for creating accurate sky subtracted images from sets of dithered observations. It is a variant of the DIMSUM package developed by P. Eisenhardt, M. Dickensen, S.A. Stanford, and J. Ward.