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Description IRAF is a general Image Reduction and Analysis Facility providing a wide range of image processing tools for the user.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: 2.16.1 (installed in April 2019) with STSDAS+TABLES v3.17.
Usage At the command prompt, type:

First-time users should execute the command mkiraf at the host level in their /home/user/iraf directory.
Upgrade Notes N/A
Manuals and
All information you wish to have about IRAF can be found at, which also contains a very helpful Users Forum.
Also, the IRAF paso a paso course held at the IAC gives a basic introduction to IRAF, and contains a list of several manuals for beginners and advanced users.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info IRAF contains, besides its "core" NOAO software and TABLES+STSDAS, several external packages developed outside NOAO. For a concise list with a brief description of the most important packages installed here at the IAC, see the IRAF External Packages @ IAC page.

The relevant environment variables for IRAF are:
iraf = /opt/iraf/iraf-2.16.1/
IRAFARCH = linux64   (for RedHat/Fedora/Ubuntu x86_64).

If you compile a program that links to IRAF libraries (for instance standalone Daophot), such libraries can be found in the directories:

SYNPHOT Data: In order to be able to access the SYNPHOT Data directory, include the following instruction in your or file:
set crrefer = "/opt/iraf/synphotdata/"

Apropos task: to enable the apropos task, please include the following instruction in your or file:
task apropos = stsdas$