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Description LaTeX is a typesetting system which is very suitable for producing scientific and mathematical documents of high typographical quality. The system is also suitable for producing all sorts of other documents, from simple letters to complete books.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: TeX Live 2017 (from the Ubuntu repositories)
Usage At the command prompt, type:
latex  filename.tex
Upgrade Notes Some info about the TeXlive release can be found in the TeXLive release history.
Manuals and
The TeX Users Group begin page and the LaTeX project site are excellent starting points: there you can find pointers todocumentation, help, FAQ, software, style files, etc. Another site collecting manuals and guides is

Also, you can obtain documentation at the command prompt:
texdoc  document_name
where document_name is the name of a latex related document (extension is not necessary); most of them are contained in the TeXlive distribution. For example the names of some important manuals are: epslatex, guide, usrguide, symbols.

Finally, the Introduction to LaTeX by Onno Pols gives a basic introduction to LaTeX.
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Additional Info LaTeX is included in TeXLive distribution, which also includes other related programs: TeX, pdfTeX, e-TeX, ConTeXt, METAFONT, METAPOST, dvips, xdvi, BibTeX,etc. Other external or local style files, not included in the main distribution, are in a local (texmf-local) directory.