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Description Lyx is a program that combines the high quality of a real typesetting system, with the comfortable interface of a word processor. Lyx provides an almost-WYSIWYG view of the document.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: 2.2.4 (from the Ubuntu repositories).
Usage From the Unix prompt, type:
lyx  filename.lyx
(or just omit the filename).

Upon startup Lyx may throw out a lot of warnings, but they are pretty harmless, please just ignore them.
Upgrade Notes See the Lyx 2.2.4 Announcement.
Manuals and
See the Lyx home page, for further info and links to documentation. Also, you can click on the Help button.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info You can import and export latex documents, but for some style files you can obtain incorrect results.