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Description The Munich Image Data Analysis System is developed and maintained by the European Southern Observatory. It is a general image processing and analysis software, and is especially useful for the reduction of data acquired at ESO telescopes.
Version installed Fedora-26: 17FEBpl1.2 (installed in February 2018).
Usage Type:
inmidas, gomidas, helpmidas   (get in touch with us if you need to use an earlier version).
Upgrade Notes All important enhancements, new developments and bugfixes can be displayed in MIDAS via the command:
Midas> help [News]
Manuals and
See the ESO-MIDAS Documentation.
Details on how to start a MIDAS session can be obtained via the Unix commands man inmidas and man gomidas.
As for pymidas, see the PyMIDAS website.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info Please note that there may be significant changes of formats, commands, options etc. between older and newer MIDAS version. Please consult the MIDAS website, and the links there contained, to find more detailed information about MIDAS, and notes for the latest releases.

MIDAS 17FEBpl1.2 libraries (64bit) are in the directory: /usr/pkg/midas/17FEBpl1.2/lib/.