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PGI F77/F95/HPF Compiler   
Description "The PGI Fortran Workstation Fortran compilers deliver outstanding performance on 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based workstations and servers, and enable simple portable parallel programming for both shared-memory and clustered computing systems."
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: 20.1 (installed in March 2020).
Usage The Fortran compilers are invoked by the commands pgf90, pgf95 or pgfortran.
You need first to load the PGI module by invoking: module load pgi/20.1; other versions or variants are also available, check them out by typing module avail pgi.
Upgrade Notes Read the Release Notes.
Important: The pgf77 driver is no longer provided. Use pgfortran to compile F77 Fortran.
The PGI Debugger pgdbg has been discontinued. The last release of pgdbg was PGI 19.10. For Linux users, PGI compilers are interoperable with the Allinea DDT and Rogue Wave TotalView debuggers including their support for OpenACC, OpenMP, and MPI debugging. On Linux, the GNU debugger gdb can be used for basic debugging of PGI-generated code.
Manuals and
For quick help, type pgf90 -help, etc.
To access the extensive documentation, visit the PGI Documentation page and the FAQ.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info If you are linking your program with external libraries such as pgplot, and have problems with undefined references or symbols, you might need to link also with other gnu libraries. Ask us if you need help.

Licenses: There are two floating licenses available for the PGI compiler; they apply to "compile time", not to run time (at most two users can compile at the same time, but there are no restrictions on how many users can run their code simultaneously). If your compilation command does nothing, and seems just to hang, it may be because the two licenses are being used. Wait a few minutes and try again.