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Description Popular object-oriented language used for both standalone programs and scripting applications in a variety of domains.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: 3.6.9 (from the Ubuntu repositories).

Many Add-on Modules have also been installed or upgraded.
Usage At the command prompt, type:

You can also try the Interactive Python Shell by typing:
Upgrade Notes Python is being constantly developed, and new releases are published every few months. For a changelog of the 3.6.9 version, see Python 3.6.9
Manuals and
Browse the copious documentation in Also of interest is the site. You can also use the help() command in Python, or pydoc (at the command prompt). If you try the latter command, please notice that the graphical interface may not work properly.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info There exist many Add-on Modules (Numeric, Scientific, etc.) which expand Python's functionality.

An interesting Using Python for Interactive Data Analysis tutorial is available.