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Description The Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables is an interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data. It has been designed for use with astronomical tables such as object catalogues, but is not restricted to astronomical applications. It understands a number of different astronomically important formats (including FITS and VOTable) and more formats can be added.
Version installed Ubuntu 18.04: 4.8-5 (installed in June 2022).
Usage At the command prompt, type:
Upgrade Notes See the full Version History.
Manuals and
See the TOPCAT website and links therein, in particular the User's Manual.
SIE contact Nicola Caon - - tel: 5383 - office: 1.124
Additional Info Should TOPCAT fail with a message like "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError", please read section 9.2.2: Memory Size of the User's Manual.