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Please note that all the SIEpedia's articles address specific issues or questions raised by IAC users, so they do not attempt to be rigorous or exhaustive, and may or may not be useful or applicable in different or more general contexts.

This page collects the various specific README files (with installation and usage notes) associated to the scripts to install astronomical software on a laptop


Before launching IRAF, you may need to define a couple of environment variables. Put them inside your .cshrc or .bash_profile (or equivalent) file.

For csh/tsch:
setenv iraf "/usr/pkg/iraf/iraf-2.16.1/"
setenv IRAFARCH linux64

For sh and bash:
export iraf="/usr/pkg/iraf/iraf-2.16.1/"
export IRAFARCH="linux64"

If you are unable to change the font size in an XGterm, try the following fix:
cd /usr/share/X11/app-defaults/ ; ln -sf /usr/pkg/iraf/iraf-2.16.1/vendor/x11iraf/app-defaults/XGterm

If, when launching IRAF from an XGTerm, some error message is printed about undefined variables, open the XGterm with the -ls flag (which starts it as a login shell).

To install the i686 (32bit) packages, try: sudo dnf (or yum) install glibc-devel.i686 libXmu-devel.i686 ncurses-devel.i686
Also, if you get some error message about libncurses, try install the compat libs: sudo dnf install ncurses-compat-libs


The following environment variable must be defined to use PGPLOT (csh/tcsh):
setenv PGPLOT_DIR /usr/pkg/pgplot/pgplot-5.2-gfortran
setenv PGPLOT_FONT /usr/pkg/pgplot/pgplot-5.2-gfortran/grfont.dat
or, for sh/bash:
export PGPLOT_DIR=/usr/pkg/pgplot/pgplot-5.2-gfortran
export PGPLOT_FONT=/usr/pkg/pgplot/pgplot-5.2-gfortran/grfont.dat

Also, when compiling/linking against the PGPLOT library you may need to add the -lgfortran flag


Environment variable PATH must be expanded to include THELI directories.

For a csh/tsch shell, the command is:
setenv PATH ${PATH}:/usr/pkg/THELI/theli/bin/Linux_64:/usr/pkg/THELI/gui

For sh and bash:
export PATH="${PATH}:/usr/pkg/THELI/theli/bin/Linux_64:/usr/pkg/THELI/gui"

To launch THELI, type: theli

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